Yasin Zagar of Indus Experiences and I are just putting the final touches to our painting trip to Rajasthan … and can’t contain my excitement any longer so I am putting this up on the blog…..  
The painting above is actually of some women from Karnataka – and was made when Robert and I were on holiday in Goa …..
I dont have any pre conceived ideas about what and how I will paint and draw in India proper.   We shall go to the National Museum in Delhi as one of our first sorties – I love to draw in museums ( did some really interesting things in Cairo Museum for instance ) and it seems like a good place to start and acclimatise ones self … and also I want to learn a little about this amazing county!   Museums are a good place to start! 
I will have to have a lesson in how to blog from my iPad …..  and mmmmmm. lots of other exciting things!  More very soon – and oh – I nearly forgot – well will have to talk about that in another post!

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