…..  or painting with impish kittens …..  this is Muriel and she was determined to sit on my lap – or my palette.   She was rather put out when I stood up to work!
I think I said before that I always work best standing up – something to do with the energy!     

 SPRING IN THE ORCHARD   60 x 60 cm  oil/canvas  

This is the first time this year I have got my things outside – except for France of course!   It seems to take a while to remember how to organise myself – longer each spring!   I remember going out painting in the winter – painting the River Mole near Leatherhead and my boy friend of  the time anchoring my easel with rope to a brick to stop the wind blowing it away….  the canvas like a sail and turps spilling all over the palette!   My days of outward bound painting are over!   

But there is nothing like painting in the landscape and yesterday was a real gift -there were Chiffchaffs in the tree I was painting …..  and the swallows and woodpeckers …..  wonderful.   And then a good friend called round and we went for an evening walk.  What bliss!

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