One of my step-daughters, Rebecca, sunbathing in the cottage in Sutherland about  15 years ago…..   

   Gideon and Raphael, ready for bed reading a story …. they are now 33 and 31 (two of my three sons).

                Self portrait with roll-up, from the days when I was still fagging it!

             Robert in India – about 10 years ago!

    Melissa – a little girl I think I drew by the hotel pool in Turkey…..

  Sujata, a woman I was great friends with whilst we did an ‘Art of Loving’ ( Eric Fromm)  course at Monkton Wyld  – sadly we lost touch, but I will try and contact her now I found this drawing from …  20 years ago.   
I so love drawing and finding these – and there are many others ready to be scanned and posted – just reminds me.  How much is captured in a drawing that a photograph just cannot do …..  it is the action of the hand across the paper, the eye and hand.   I always think that is where humans are at our best.  Eye hand and brain, together, whether it is drawing or making pastry, gardening or sewing…. it is what makes us healthy.  Well that is what I think!

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