this is a link to the very useful link that Rob Frost who did my website has directed me to …. so I now know how to re size the pixels in images of my paintings ….   does that make sense?   Rob can be contacted –   

I guess the web will offer information on almost anything – we have used it for skinning and gutting a rabbit ( the dog caught) and the meaning of biometric – a discussion this pm on identity cards and big brother ….    what an amazing world we  live in ….   unless you live in Syria or Mali or ……..
I give thanks that I was born when and where I was!  
A picture of my knitting to go with this I think!

People are often surprised to learn that I knit …..   I dont know why ….   I dont follow patterns as such – just make it up as a I along …  and am learning all the time of course.   Sitting with my feet up, cats and knitting and a story or play on the wonderful beeb….    or iplayer ….
Who else loves the radio?

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