Adam Zombory-Moldovan invites you to the launch event of ZMMA’s new Architecture Studio and Gallery in Shaftesbury.
Adam Zombory Moldovan came to visit me last week to choose a painting to go in this mixed show of artists he admires.  The show  is  curated by Anne Hitchcock and I think it will really be interesting…   it  is very good when people who have a real eye and also opinions about things visual take an interest in one’s work…



It is an interesting choice?   The white abstract, that people may be surprised to find out was painted by me – is something that I do from time to time….  I have often said I feel that …one of the points of being a painter or an artist is the excitement of doing things differently!  Experimenting….   trying something out and seeing if it works – or how it works.   Sometimes it just dosnt!  tant pis!

And sometimes it does, and one comes back to have another go – from a slightly different place…



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