From a glitch comes christmas spirit

This is a quick follow-up blog post because I have discovered that several people have had difficulty with the website – which means they have lost out on the Christmassy paintings I was offering in my last email  …. the hens have gone and the other sheep are going but the others are still available…. ?


This amused me – so for no other reason I am popping it in here…..

Back to the real purpose of this post…as a way of saying ‘sorry’ to those of you who were frustrated or disappointed by the website not working as it should  – I  shall l offer any painting that is on my website (that is still available) with 10 – 15% off …. this applies until Jan 6 2017!,    the Feast of the Epiphany…..   Here are some suggestions….  all smallish pictures –  a Taste of Spring?

St James’s and Blossom in the Orchard 30 x 70cm

£900 in DAW2016 –  £750  until Jan 6 2017 

Autumn Trees reflected (Manor Farm) oil/board 30 x 47

£900 in DAW 2016 –  £750  until Jan 6 2017 

Stourhead Reflections  II  oil/linen 70 x 100

£2750 DAW 2017 now £2400.00   until Jan 6 2017

Forbidden Memories: Meadow and Fontmell again! 50 x 45 cm

DAW 2016 price £800 … £725.. for the next couple of weeks!

Small white Blossom 30 x 24 oil on board
…. actually the crab apple in our garden with forgetmenots underneath …

was for sale in London for…£925 … now £800 ….. for this limited period!

These two paintings are hanging in our sunroom …. I thought it might be useful to see them on the wall…? I rather like them – much more simple and textural than I usually paint … I used ‘painting butter’ and a palette knife for part of them which makes more solid shapes ! The danger of palette knife painting is that work can become to ‘tecnique-ey’ and self-conscious …. more about dexterity and cleverness than about honesty…. at least, thats what I think!!!

Top : Blackmore vale I oil/board40 x 40 £700 now £600

Underneath and Below: Blackmore vale II oil/board40 45 x 45 DAW2016 £750 now £650


If you are interested in any of the images in this post or any other painting on my website …. get in touch with me while I am in the Christmas spirit using the email form below or

Phone: 01747 812610
Mobile: 07711 528234

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