It seems such a long time ...

…since I last wrote something here Which is a pity because I enjoy it …. The photo below is the painting I have been working on today … I like it though I can see as I type that I need to do something about the shape of the hill! It seems the first time in a long time that I really felt connected to something and it was very good. I have said before that painting is a strange thing …. It seems a collaborative activity …. As if it doesn’t come from me – I just need the space to connect with it and let it happen…. I will talk more about that later… no doubt!


Untitled as yet, 65 x 90cm

I have just got back from an unexpected walk – I mean I wasn’t expecting to go as far as I did – and so was ‘improperly shod’ … it was beautiful ….

last little bit of news – from a gorgeous National Trust garden in Cornwall – Trengwainton Garden were I went last week.
I love their scarecrows ….

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