I am showing four paintings  here  – it is a gallery just opposite the Minster, and well worth a visit.

Flowery Border with Photinia    oil/canvas   70 x 79 cm

this is one of many paintings I have made  of this border, in this garden in the heart of some of the most beautiful familiar countryside where I have lived and painted for 35 years……

Yellow Flags and Ragged Robin   oil/canvas  70 x 70 cm 

When I was doing this painting – in front of the pond, somehow a different approach forced itself upon me.    …..    it is not how I usually paint!   That’s what happens …..

Catherine’s Vase III        36 x 34″   oil/board   

Catherine’s Vase IV  24 x 24 cm  oil/board

These chrysanthemums in a beautiful vase that was made by Catherine Vannier – a french potter who exhibited with me at the Alpha House Gallery in Sherborne Dorset .  Alpha House was a fabulous gallery  started by my very good friend the painter Tony Birks-Hay (www.tonybirks.co.uk) but sadly it is now closed.   Times change……

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