……..    and I am still  unsure as to why I am making them ….. !    I have written before about the necessity of following one’s instinct and not being rational about painting – getting out of the way and allowing things to happen without the bossy left brain organising and showing the way in a sensible manner ….. and here is where I have been led.   Robert says that people will copy me – and I shouldn’t put them on the blog – and its happened before – being copied I mean.   Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I know!   
The photos are taken with my iPhone – which isn’t the best but I reckon is pretty good.   I meant to submit some of these images to DAW cover competition – but what with doing my tax ( done! hooray) and other things, that got undone!  Oh well…..  !  back to the studio tomorrow,  and the newest painting which isn’t here …….. lots of ideas waiting to happen.  Exciting! 
Frenchmill to Hawkcombe 1 acrylic/paper 1.86 x 86 cm
Colour over Zig Zag oil/canvas unfinished76 x 76cm 

Hawkcombe’s where my heart is…. acrylic/paper 1.25 x 1. 50cm

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