I can explain what I mean by talking about a painting I did several years ago – my husband and I were painting over a few days in Donhead, it was the second day I think, and I felt so stuck and unable to ‘get it’  I was really struggling.  This chap – a farm worker came up and looked and it seemed to me he didnt think much of it because he said ” you should go and ask your teacher for help!”  I think amateur art groups paint around there. This felt like the final straw – but Robert came up a little while later and said – ” really like that, dont do too much more!”  and now it is one of my favourite paintings and I wouldnt sell it!  Strange ?  I feel it a painting I still need to follow up – it could help me with my painting of Melbury Hill ….   and more of that later on!
I did another later in the year  which I am also very pleased with.
Donhead I 28 x 42″  oil on canvas
Donhead II 27 x 36″  oil on canvas

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