Two weeks ago I was attacked – road rage………  the attack stopped just short of being actually physical …. but psychically it has really affected me – the suspects are being questioned soon – and I hope they will opt for restorative justice rather than court …….   It has taken me this long to stop feeling weepy and pathetic and find my justifiable anger …….  and here is what has helped me access how I feel about being threatened and abused and to say  in the words of  LOUISE MENSCH in today’s paper, “Get Stuffed, losers, I dont bully that easily”  …. 
No more about it for now… except to say that Victim Support may use one of the  following  as a poster….  I dont know if they ( the paintings!) are any good – there are certainly things about them that I like – and maybe that can lead me on somewhere new.   ONce again I am grateful that somehow I have a channel, a way of exploring the interior that feels like a gift.  




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